Up, Up & Away by Jonah Keri (Book Review)

September 14th, 2015

I recently read Jonah Keri’s bestselling book, Up, Up & Away – the story of  the “Ill-fated but Unforgettable Montreal Expos,” and wanted to share some thoughts on it.

First off, it’s a fantastically enjoyable read. Jonah, who I enjoyed interviewing at SXSW, has a style of storytelling that’s conversational yet filled with information. The book, all 398 pages of it – and this year re-released in softcover – is filled with anecdotes. Jonah interviewed seemingly ever person ever associated with the organization and it comes through in the stories he tells. There are countless “in the clubhouse” looks at the players and the relationships that they had with each other, their coaches and more than anything, the fans. Keri habitually references his own first hand accounts as a young fan in Montreal, and the tactic has a wonderful way of dropping the reader into the zeitgeist.

Where the book really shines though, for me, is in its explanation of the rise and fall of the organization. It goes into immense depth in detailing the major players in Montreal’s political scene responsible for getting, and ultimately losing, a major league baseball team. It’s as much a book about an era in a city as it is about the team that the city rallied behind. I very much enjoyed it and if you’re looking for a read to get you through the upcoming offseason, I’d recommend grabbing a copy.

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