Hello, World

February 8th, 2015

Anyone who’s used WordPress before knows that by default, you start with a “Hello, World” post. It’s only fitting as this is a WordPress blog and it’s nearly midnight on a Saturday night as I write this, that I start off this latest edition of my musings with something as uncreative as “Hello, World.”

If I haven’t yet turned you off, congrats! We’re already getting along famously! This site (like me) will wear many hats. I’ll share work stuff, personal stuff, things I’m into, thoughts I have, places I go, food I eat and generally anything else that seems fit to share – which these days seems like it can be just about anything. All I ask of you? (Other than to recognize that Phantom of the Opera reference) – participate! Comment! Email! Tweet! Do something that lets me know that you’re there, whether there is sitting in a chair at work, holding a phone over your face in bed next to a loved one (or strange one), or an unspeakable seat on BART. Say hi. Let’s be social.

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