Sanraku of San Francisco (Restaurant Review)

October 5th, 2015

One of my oldest (as in I’ve known her for a long time, not as in how old she is – so there Elizabeth) friends and her husband were in town this past weekend, and we made it out to Sanraku on Sutter St. With minimal deliberation I decided to order the SAKURA – caps lock intentional as it was listed on the menu as such. The SAKURA was essentially the chef’s choice of 8 pieces of nigiri plus a blue fin tuna belly roll. NOM.

I started with the shrimp head, which was quite good, then moved left to right like an American, alternating in pieces of the roll. My favorites were the barracuda and the toro. God I could eat toro all day every day. The SAKURA easily makes my top 5 omakase spots in the Bay Area. At $48 it’s also extremely reasonable (and comes with a soup and salad). I’ll definitely be back. What are your favorite spots? My goal is to try every sushi spot in SF before the end of 2016 so punch in a comment with any suggestions that you might have.

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