Take care of your teeth and use a Sonicare (on sale!)

January 9th, 2016

Quick post here. Take care of your teeth. As someone with a family history of grotesque gum disease who still wants to have teeth when he gets old, I place a huge amount of emphasis on avoiding cavities, gum disease, bad breath etc. Weapon number one, and to be honest a must own for any credible adult, is my Sonicare. It’s pretty simple. It’s an electric toothbrush. Why I love mine:

  1. Cleaning power. You feel fantastically clean after you use it. I haven’t had a cavity in the five years that I have it, and I probably average flossing once every two weeks (which is awful).
  2. Battery life. This thing lasts forever. I left for Spain on 12/27, I’m in Las Vegas today (1/9) and I’m pretty sure it could make it another two weeks without needing a charge.
  3. Cheaply replaceable heads. These things cost roughly $3-4 a pop and last 2-3 months no problem.

Amazon is running a $10 off sale today bringing the already discounter $39.95 price down to $29.95, which is an absurd deal. Get it through my link and I’ll be eternally grateful. So will your teeth. Enjoy!

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